Welcome to A1 Test Only Center used to be A+ Smog Check located in Mountain View

We know how it is. You get your DMV registration notice and across the top it says "SMOG
TEST ONLY REQUIRED". As if the registration wasn't enough hassle, now you have to get a
smog check. At
A1 Test Only Center, we turn a bothersome chore into a pleasant
experience. We'll get you in and out fast, the staff is helpful and courteous, we have
competitive prices, and we offer a FREE RETEST if your vehicle fails the smog test.

A1 Test Only center, we do ALL smogs - regular smog, Test Only, Change of
Ownership, Out of State registration, and Gross Polluter. Our location are open 7 DAYS, so
you can get your car smog when it's most convenient for you.
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